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Hello all you dark gunz player here is a new Hack :)

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PostSubject: Hello all you dark gunz player here is a new Hack :) Sun Apr 12, 2009 7:04 am

This is quite possibly the largest gunz dll ever made! There are 70 hacks included in freebase (60 in-game commands, 10 console commands) along with a very nifty console.

This effort has taken quite a bit of time to complete, but it has been very fun.
There are however, many bugs which I need you, the user to test out and report back so that I may fix them and make freebase much smoother overall.

This version of freebase is ONLY for gunz version 5420, different versions will be released in the future for different exe versions.

Q. Who still uses 5420?
A. This is the most common exe that [color:72a1=yellow! important][color:72a1=yellow! important]private [color:72a1=yellow! important]servers use so freebase will most likely work on most private servers.

If you want any hacks added in or want to share comments/questions post on this thread.

In-game commands:

-Alt + F1 Change the current medicine
Rotates the current medicine between Tofu (Ammo), Tofu ([color:72a1=yellow! important][color:72a1=yellow! important]HP/AP), HP, and AP.

-Alt + F2 Medicate the last attacker
Spawns medicine on the last attacker every (dll speed + 500) ms.

-Alt + F3 Medicate the entire room
Spawns medicine on everyone in the room every (dll speed + 500) ms.

-Alt + F5 Ninja Jump
Every time you hit jump, you jump as if you were jumping off a wall. This will allow you to jump very high.

-Alt + F6 No Knockbacks
When hitting someone who is blocking (with melee) you will no be knocked back.

-Alt + F7 Infinite Block
You may hold down block for as long as you like.

-Alt + F8 Sword Crosshair
You can view your crosshair even with a sword out.

-Alt + F9 Inertialess Drive
The longer you hold (W, A, S or D) the faster you go. You stop when you hit an object or wall.

-Alt + 1 Anchor
You can't move from your current position.

-Alt + 2 Follow the last attacker
Sets your position to the last attacker's position.

-Alt + 3 Return to channel
Instantly exits your game and returns you to your channel.

-Alt + 4 Wings
A combination effect of the wings provided on leveling up.

-Alt + 5 Dash Vortex
An insane amount of constant dash effects appear right in front of you.

-Alt + 6 Circle Vortex (Slowest)
A slow moving circular dash vortex moves around you.

-Alt + 7 Circle Vortex (Medium)
An average moving circular dash vortex moves around you.

-Alt + 8 Circle Vortex (Fastest)
A fast moving circular dash vortex moves around you.

-Alt + 9 Wheel vortex
Dashes wrap around the top of [color:72a1=yellow! important][color:72a1=yellow! important]your [color:72a1=yellow! important]body almost as if it were a wheel.

-Alt + B Paper Walls
You can see through walls when you stand side by side with them.

-Alt + C My character info
Display's information about your character.

-Alt + D Change the Dll speed
Rotate's the dll's internal speed between 1ms, 10ms, 50ms, and 100ms

-Alt + E Name ESP
Similar to when you view a replay, you can view everyone's names above their heads, even through walls.

-Alt + F Flipmower
Constant flips appear in front of you.

-Alt + G Godmode
Infinite HP and AP.

-Alt + H This help menu
Displays a list of commands.

-Alt + I Hide/show the console
Hides or shows the console.

-Alt + J Collect IDs for Room [WordAbuse]
This is a gateway function to many others, it collects IDs in your room and [color:72a1=yellow! important][color:72a1=yellow! important]stores them in its database.

-Alt + K Room [WordAbuse]
Teleport to everyone in your room and spawn massives, flips, and slashes on them, effectively giving them no chance.

-Alt + L Lawnmower
An insane amount of slashes appear in front of you.

-Alt + M Insane Massives
Massive amount of massives spawn in front of you.

-Alt + N Switch teams
Rotate your current team between yellow (doesn't take up a spot in the room), red, blue, and yellow.

-Alt + O Kamikaze
Deploys a kamikaze, crashing everyone in the room including yourself.

-Alt + P Power Level the last attacker
Gives kills to the last attacker.

-Alt + Q Safeguard
Prevents falling below your current position.

-Alt + S Speed Hack
Let's you move very rapidly.

-Alt + T Medicator
Spawns medicine at your current position at (dll speed + 500) ms.

-Alt + U Last attacker
Instead of spawning things in front of you, they spawn at the last attacker. Applies to Lawnmower, Insane Massives, and Flipmower.

-Alt + V Bot the last attacker
Bots the last attacker which displays a pop-up on their screen which they can't get out of. This enables you to do whatever you want to them.

-Alt + W Wall Hack
Let's you walk through walls.

-Alt + X Exit Freebase
Exits Freebase.

-Alt + Y Reload Spam
Massive amounts of reloads.

-Alt + Z Bot the entire room
Bots the entire room which displays a pop-up on everyone's screen which they can't get out of. This enables you to do whatever you want to them.

-Del Return to stage
Instantly leaves your current game and returns you to the game stage.

-End Teleport to the saved position
Teleports to the saved position.

-Home Medicine Hat
Spawns medicine above your head at (dll speed + 20) ms.

-Insert Save current position
Saves your current position.

-Page Down Last attacker Medicine Hat
Spawns medicine above the last attacker's head at (dll speed + 20) ms.

-Page Up Room-wide Medicine Hat
Spawns medicine above everyone's head at (dll speed + 20) ms.

-Numpad * N-Step out
To them you appear as if you left the room, but you are still in and can wander around all you like.

-Numpad - Rejoin the game
Instantly rejoins the game.

-Numpad + N-Step in
To them it appears as if you joined the room, but you are still in and are now active once again.

-Numpad 0 Spawn a mega medicine cube
Spawns a giant medicine cube at your current position.

-Numpad 1 Spawn a small medicine cube
Spawns a small medicine cube at your current position.

-Numpad 2 Spawn a 2 headed medicine [color:72a1=yellow! important][color:72a1=yellow! important]snake
Spawns a 2 headed medicine snake at your current position.

-Numpad 3 Go down
Moves you down, walls do not apply.

-Numpad 4 Spawn a medium medicine cube
Spawns a medium medicine cube at your current position.

-Numpad 5 Penwrite
Spawns medicine at your crosshair.

-Numpad 6 Level down
Client sided level down.

-Numpad 7 Spawn a large medicine cube
Spawns a large medicine cube at your current position.

-Numpad 8 Level up
Client sided level up.

-Numpad 9 Go up
Moves you up, walls do not apply.
Console commands (use help for explanations):
Note: You can use more than one hack at a time although it may lag you!

Freebase Rev 205
Freebase Rev 203
Freebase Rev 202
Freebase Rev 200
Freebase Rev 196
Freebase Rev 123

Freebase videos:
Freebase - GunZ: The Duel Hack Dll - Last attacker & room-wide hacks


People who helped me with problems and/or gave me ideas:
Sv3nt3k, zerocool, Mirage, W^X, Spons8808, [WordAbuse], 2Hot4Red, NdP, Q-, BladeZer0, Xeffar, and others I forgot to mention.

Known bugs in freebase:
Rev 205 change log:
-Room [WordAbuse] changed to only use slashes, this makes it less laggy overall and kills the enemy faster
Rev 203 change log:
-Various bug fixes
Rev 202 change log:
-Alt + J bug fixed
-Last attacker Medicine Hat bug fixed
Rev 200 change log:
-Alt + J bug fixed
Rev 196 change log:
-Revision number displayed on the console, in-game, and on the startup message box
-Alt + J bug fixed
-pdump command removed due to complications with Alt + J
Rev 123 change log:
-Power Level bug fixed
Rev 122 change log:
-Bugs fixed
Rev 100 change log:
-End key added
-Insert key added
Rev 93 change log:
-Initial release
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Hello all you dark gunz player here is a new Hack :)

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